Natalie Shaul008

A bald, wet mess!

That’s what I saw as I looked in the mirror at my thinning hair and tears streaming down my face.

I was holding yet another clump of hair in my hand.

I’ll be bald before bedtime! ?

My hair was falling out daily, huge piles of it with each hair wash, plus loads in between ?

It’s worrying isn’t it?

I mean when was it going to end?

I stopped washing my hair as often. Gross right?

Now, not only was I balding but what I did have was dirty.

Hmm sexy…

Hormones! Bloody hormones! ?

They have so much to answer for.

Did you know they control everything from heart rate to appetite?

And mine were up the creak without a paddle.

I had loads of symptoms but the one that upset me the most was the hair loss ?

I was a 30 something year old woman (never ask a lady her age…) and was meant to be in my prime.

Not a balding, hormonal wreck!

Fortunately, these days I have a full head of hair ??

And my hairdresser often comments on how full, shiny and soft it is ?

So, if you find yourself a balding hormonal wreck, why not try some of these tips to balance your hormones?

– Eat a diet high in fruit and vegetables – particularly green leafy ones

– Consume adequate protein with each meal

– Reduce stress

– Exercise

– Get enough good quality sleep

– Stay away from refined sugar

– Reduce or eliminate alcohol

Give these a try and prevent yourself becoming a bald, wet mess!



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