Natalie Shaul017

F*cked Up, Insecure, Neurotic, and Emotional!

On inside I was FINE for a long time….

Though people often referred to me as ‘having my shit together’.

I was a positive, glass half full kind of person.

So when I was sad or upset, rather than allowing myself to feel those things, I told myself to look on the bright side of life and to just get on with it.

I placed those feelings in a box and closed the lid.

And this worked for a while.

But over time that box of emotions became really full.

To bursting!

Every bit of hurt, sadness, disappointment and rejection that I had not dealt with accumulated.

I started to become upset and frustrated by the smallest of things.

It was as if I was reacting to each and every emotion locked away in the box.

But being the ‘strong one’ I put a brave face on it and carried on.

It was exhausting and it affected my health.

I had a choice…

To carry on as I was, with my health declining!

Or find a new way to do things.

I chose the latter.

Now I acknowledge my feelings and deal with them as they arise.

My box is empty and I have a greater tolerance for stress and adversity.  

And my health has been restored.

Here’s hows –

  • I am honest with myself – I acknowledge my feelings as they arise. I now know when you numb yourself to sadness you also numb yourself to happiness.
  • I learned that we have we have 8 primary emotions – interest, fear, surprise, sadness, disgust, anger, shame and joy and that feeling all of them is part of experiencing life.
  • I founds tools and outlets for my emotions – I like journaling and I got myself a mindset coach.

Life is too short to be FINE.

I choose to be real instead.




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