Here’s to a Crappy Christmas!

Natalie Shaul013

It’s allegedly 🎶the most wonderful time of the year🎶

But it’s not all fun and games for those with chronic illness and pain…

I remember wishing away many a Christmas day so that I could drop the fake smile and go and recover in silence 😔

Socialising with loved ones does lift you up but it can also be incredibly tiring.

Of course, you ‘look fine’ as you do with all invisible illnesses, so excusing yourself to lie down because you’re exhausted from ‘all the talking’ seems rather pathetic!

Worse still if you’re the host you can’t exactly leave your guests to fend for themselves…

Christmas is a wonderful time of year but for those with chronic illness it can be somewhat daunting and overwhelming.

There are weeks of preparations what with the organising of guests, food and gifts.

The day itself comes with a whole load of standing as you cook in a hot kitchen coupled with the pressure to be ‘just perfect’ as you strive to be the hostess with the mostest!

Your body feels like lead and it’s screaming at you to rest 🛑

But somehow you find the strength to get through it because you want to share in the magic of Christmas with your family.

You push beyond your limits knowing full well that payback is a bitch and you’ll be hit with a massive flare 🙁

Pain, fatigue, joint pain, digestive issues, brain fog and more all to come in the days ahead…

Here are some tips to help you through the Christmas period –  

  • Let others help you, you don’t have to do it all yourself
  • Ask yourself is it essential to do this? If it is, ask does it need to be done today?
  • Schedule in rest time where you do nothing at all
  • Fuel your body with nutritious food and ensure you are hydrated
  • Get adequate sleep
  • Use your spoons wisely – The Spoon Theory is a way to express how much energy you have and to allow you to use your energy wisely. Each activity requires a different number of spoons.

Be kind to yourself and ensure you have a happy not a crappy Christmas this year!

I’m fortunate enough to say that my chronic illness is in remission. If you want to know more about how, please get in touch.  




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