Perhaps you’ll think I’m big headed but…

I love myself!

And I’m not afraid to say it.

I’m at a stage in my life where I am finally free from the burden of caring what people think about me!

Yesterday I plotted up in a bar (with a herbal tea I might add) and used it as my office for the afternoon.

I sat there alone for hours, but I didn’t once feel lonely.

Despite the fact that every other person in the place was with someone 👭

Once upon a time I would have felt incredibly awkward walking into a place like that by myself, some days I would have chickened out altogether.

If I did make it inside, I’d have felt on edge.

Wondering, did I look like a loser?

I’d have convinced myself that everyone was looking at me with pity because clearly I had no friends! 👀

But yesterday as I sat there, I reflected on how different I felt…

I felt at ease.

I felt relaxed and comfortable.

And I wasn’t constantly scanning the room to see whether or not people were looking at me like I was a loner.

I used to, and I see this so often with my clients, find it hard to say nice things about myself.

I’d tell myself I wasn’t good enough at pretty much everything.

I’d tell myself I got things wrong all the time

I’d tell myself I was failing in so many areas of life.

Tell yourself these things often enough and you start to believe them…

The result of course was that I didn’t like myself!

It’s hard work going through life feeling like that isn’t it?

Eventually, I was forced to take a look at my life.

I realised that I needed to treat myself with the love and support I would my friends.

Would you tell your friend she was a loser for sitting in a bar alone?

Or would you tell her how brave and independent she was?

I’ve learned to be my own best friend.

I’ve learned other people’s opinions about me matter far less than my own opinion of me.

I’ve learned to unashamedly love myself.

Life is so much easier and more fulfilling now 😊




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