This is a subject close to my heart…

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It’s International Stress Awareness Week.

Stress had a huge impact on my life for such a long time and yet I didn’t even realise it!

The most persistent cause of stress in my life actually came from me.

Me and my thoughts.

“you’re not good enough”

“they’re smarter than you”

“you’ll mess it up”

Does this sound familiar?

My lack of confidence played out in many areas of my life but work life especially.

Did you know that workaholism is a sign of stress?

Me neither.

If had known perhaps I’d have realised earlier 🤔

I always felt ‘not good enough’.

I tried to compensate for this by working longer hours and taking on more responsibility.

I’d do 12 hours in the office and then go home and continue there.

I couldn’t switch off.

Until I was forced to when my body said enough is enough 🛑

Stress doesn’t affect just your mind, it affects your body too…

I was mentally and physically exhausted.

My body felt like lead and my mind felt like mush.

But not anymore…

I went on a journey of self-discovery.

I learned to stop my inner critic having the upper hand.

I learned to say kind and encouraging words to myself.

Now I am full of energy and my mind is sharp.

You can feel this way too. Here’s how –

  • Become aware of how you speak to yourself. Are you an advocate for yourself or your own biggest critic?
  • Be your own advocate! Focus on your positive attributes and do more of them. When you talk about yourself to others, focus on your good points.
  • Use affirmations to change the way you think of yourself and life.
  • Realise that perfection doesn’t exist so stop aiming for it. You are simply setting yourself up to fail.
  • Take a lunch break and try not to take work home with you!

Don’t be the cause of stress in your life.






How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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