I’ve got ants in my pants 😳 🐜

Me sit still?

No chance!

Until I burned out and I was forced to that is…

I’d sit down to watch the TV or read a book and minutes later I’d find myself back in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher.

I’d finish that and settle back down.

Only then something I needed to remember to do would pop into my head and I’d have to get up and write it on my to do list.

Whilst writing it on my to do list I’d spot a chore and think I’ll just do that one quickly…

I couldn’t sit still!

I didn’t sleep either.

Come the weekend I’d stir around 6am and then that was it my mind was already going over my to do list for the day, so I’d just get up and get started on it.

As a Type A personality, I was addicted to being productive.

It’s hard not to feel guilty for sitting still and consider it a waste of time isn’t it?

But the reality is that’s not sustainable.

I’m not the Duracell bunny and I do need to rest.

Actually rest!

Pretending to rest whilst your mind is still running through what you should be doing doesn’t refresh you.

I learned this the hard way.

I pushed and pushed and pushed.

Over time my health deteriorated, my nerves were frayed, and I was exhausted.

Eventually it all got too much, my brain became foggy and I struggled to do anything at all.

I was forced to reassess my life and find a way to get guilt free rest in.

If you struggle to give yourself a guilt free break, try these tips and actually see your productivity improve not reduce –

  • You are more likely to take that rest if it’s scheduled in. Make resting an item on your to do list, an item you can check off when it’s completed. I know you like that just as much as I do…
  • Remember that research suggests that both productivity and creativity increases with regular breaks and time out to relax and refresh. Therefore, resting is not a waste of time but necessary. Mental downtime is powerful 💥
  • Practice resting. You might find yourself a little fidgety the first few times but persevere and it will become more comfortable. Practice makes perfect!
  • Find activities that you enjoy that are also relaxing such as yoga, knitting, reading, colouring, walking, meditation…

Get those ants out of your pants and take a guilt free break!




How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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