Have you ever considered that you don’t have to do it all?

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Have you ever considered that you don’t have to do it all?

Had a great session with a client earlier today, she was feeling quite stressed about the amount of work lying before her.

Ahead of a guest arriving she’d created a huge to do list…

Pictures to be hung!

Bath sealant to be replaced!

Deep clean of the house including carpet clean!

She was practically preparing to roll out the red carpet for a visitor.

Does this sound familiar?

I asked if she thought the visitor would care whether or not her home was in pristine condition?

She concluded that they probably wouldn’t…

She also concluded that the guest would likely much prefer that she was refreshed and relaxed and therefore open to spending quality time with them.

As a guest yourself would you care if there was a crumb on the side or a pile or washing to be put away?

The majority of us simply seek time and connection with someone who’s head is in the conversation and not running through a to do list.

So next time you’re preparing to blitz the house ahead of visitors ask yourself is it really necessary?

And if it really is do you have to be the one to do it all?

The client in question text me after to say she’s booked a cleaner!

Life is for living not for cleaning.

When you get to the end of your time do you want to be looking back on memories of how clean your kitchen sides were or how well you ironed clothes?

Personally I want to look back on the memories I created with those I love 💗




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