I’m going to let you into a secret…


I have an alter ego!

Her name is Corporate Karen 🙈

She is who I become when I feel that Natalie just will not do…

My voice changes.

My ‘phone voice’ goes on and I starting speaking in a way that I feel is somewhat more ‘proper’ than the way I speak day to day.

I wasn’t aware I was doing it in the beginning.

I had a boyfriend that used to stop me mid sentence and say that I was presenting at him.

I thought I was just talking!

But through coaching I learned that I had some limiting beliefs.

I believed that just Natalie was not good enough and boring 😔

Somewhere along the line I developed a coping mechanism when these feelings crept in and Corporate Karen was born…

Once I became aware of Corporate Karen I could hear the change in my voice but found it hard to turn it off.

It was only through working on my limiting beliefs, and believing that just Natalie is good enough, that I was able to put my alter ego to bed.

Corporate Karen rarely makes an appearance these days but if she does I now know why.

So I give myself a talking to and make her disappear.

I no longer need her!

I’ve squashed those limiting beliefs and I’ve created new ones.

My new beliefs are that I am good enough just as I am.

And that I will be loved and liked as just Natalie ☺️



How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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