I’m a fraud!

Inauthentic ??

At least that’s how I felt until this week…

I’m out there talking about recovering from burnout, kicking the arse of my autoimmune thyroid condition and having energy in abundance.

Only over the last few weeks that hasn’t been the case.

My energy has dipped.


My thyroid went a little wonky.

In my mind that made me a fraud to be talking about how I’ve got it all under control.

So I’ve been in hiding…

But I have come to the realisation that just like life, health peaks and troughs.

I’m still doing all the stuff I advocate.

I’m still walking the talk…

But nonetheless my thyroid took a hit.

I’ve increased my medication and I’m on the way back up ??

And what I’ve come to realise is that yes my thyroid went off but the impact has been nothing like it was in the past.

Previous times I’ve been house bound, hair falling out, significant weight gain, recurrent colds and the like and so much more.

But because I stick to the lifestyle changes that led to my recovery it’s been nothing more than a dip in energy and an increased need for sleep.

I’ve also rebounded so much more quickly that ever before ????

And so it was time I levelled up and was honest about what I’ve been dealing with.

I refer to myself as a recovering perfectionist.

Part of that journey means sometimes the need to be perfect rears it’s ugly head.

I simply needed to remind myself that perfect doesn’t exist!

Health is fluid and so long as I continue to practice what I preach I have no need to hide the ups and downs of my body  💗



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