Your poor health is all in your mind…


Your poor health is all in your mind…

That fatigue.

That migraine.

That chronic illnesses.

Yep it’s all in your mind.

No I’m not suggesting you’re making it up, nor that you are imagining it.

But I am suggesting that health is more than what you eat…

It’s what you think, say and believe it too!

How you view yourself matters.

How you view the world matters.

How you chose to carry stress matters.

What you say about yourself matters.

What you think of others matters.

If you are unhappy and dissatisfied with yourself, life or others it has an impact on your body.

Stress is a physical response and if your thoughts spark that response in your body often then over time that is going to have an impact.

Because the stress response impacts your immune system.

I fell into the trap of thinking I needed to apply all my focus on what I ate and how much I moved.

And it did help.

For a while…

But not for long.

It wasn’t until I addressed what was going on in my mind that true relief of my symptoms came.

And lasted!

If you have persistent health issues perhaps it’s time you took a look at what you think, say and believe.



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