Why is it so hard to share how we really feel with those that care about us?


Why is it so hard to share how we really feel with those that care about us?

Is it the guilt of burdening them with our woes?

In the lead up to and during the darkest days of my burnout out I feared exactly that!

Whilst I was more than happy to lend a shoulder to friends, I found it hard to accept a shoulder in return.


Because my life at that time felt such a load to bear that it felt unfair to pile that onto to someone else.

And so I kept it to myself which ultimately led to the load feeling even heavier to carry.

I also felt very alone!

On my healing journey I had a valuable realisation…

Those that care about us do genuinely care about the answer when they ask how you are.

And just as I feel good being able to lend a shoulder during a time of need for them, they also feel good being able to lend one back.

If I always say I’m fine and they are the only one sharing it disrupts the balance of the friendship.

Eventually they will start to feel as if their woes are too much for me to bear and they stop sharing too.

Then you are left with what is simply a surface level friendship.

I want deep and loving friendships and so now I share what’s going on with me and they share with me in return.

My friendships have strengthened as a result of being more open about my life.

And I no longer feel alone.

Don’t be afraid to share.

Those that care do genuinely want to hear about how you are.

And it’s true what they say…

A problem shared, is a problem halved ❤️



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