High on life that is…

I never realised that I could feel this happy 😁

I spent many years numbing my feelings.

The less pleasant ones like hurt, sadness, anger and shame 😡😢😔

But in doing that I also numbed myself to love, joy, happiness and excitement too ❤️

You see you can’t numb one set of emotions. If you numb yourself to one, you numb yourself to all!

I had to spend some time going through past experiences and hurt to be able to acknowledge and work through them so that I could release them.

And it was definitely challenging at times…

But having come out the other side I can tell you it’s totally worth it.

Because not only have I released a shit load of negative emotions but I have also opened myself up to a greater intensity of fulfilment.

Some days I literally feel high on happiness!

And that for me is reason enough to be brave and allow myself to feel and acknowledge those darker emotions before letting them go.

Which are you…

Numb or high?



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