When a client tells you they are walking taller ❤️

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I spent many years feeling like I would only be enough when…

– I lost the weight
– Got a promotion
– Had a new car
– Had longer hair
– Had clearer skin
– Had better clothes
– ‘He’ called

I thought when I achieved those things and only then, that I would be acceptable to others and therefore lovable.

The reality is even if one of those things was achieved I’d simply replace it with another!

I was looking for acceptance from others but never really felt I got it.

It took many years of not feeling good enough to work out why?

The one person I needed to accept me was the one person that didn’t…


Learning to love myself was not easy.

But it sure was easier than living a life where I didn’t like myself!

When I finally cracked first liking and then loving myself it was so liberating.

Life became so much more enjoyable.

To be able to play a part in helping someone else to recognise their wonderful and unique qualities is an amazing experience.

Are you walking tall?



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