I felt like the Michelin man!

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It was like someone had blown me up and I felt ready to pop.

When I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognise myself anymore…

My eyelids were puffy and so was the rest of my face.

I ate pretty well and even went to the gym but it looked like I had a rubber ring around my belly.

And despite my efforts my weight was going up 😩

Maintaining a healthy weight with an underactive thyroid is like swimming up stream!


The body is a clever thing and given the right tools it will heal.

So I did some research and threw myself into it.

I made some changes to the way I ate and I didn’t have to count a single calorie or measure anything!

I just ate good, wholesome food that suited my body😋

I lost 3 stone in what I soon realised was mostly water retention.

It’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle and so I have been able to continue to eat the right way for my body for over 4 years now and have maintained a healthy weight.

Do you know how to eat right for your body?



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