Do you ever get that foggy brain feeling?

Do you ever get that foggy brain feeling

F@ck it!

Not for the first time that day I’d walked into a room and forgotten why I was there…

Do you ever get that foggy brain feeling?

Where you just can’t concentrate.

You lose yourself half way through a sentence.

You read a page and have no idea what it said!

This used to be a daily problem for me.

Why wasn’t my brain working anymore?

Turns out there were several reasons…

But after making some lifestyle changes I’m pleased to say brain fog is no more!

Try these tips to sharpen your mind –

* Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. It’s recommend adults get 7-9 hours per night.

* Correct nutritional deficiencies by improving your diet and potentially supplementing, at least initially.

* Reduce your intake of sugar, alcohol, caffeine and processed foods to reduce inflammation.

* Eat a hormone balancing diet.

Not sure where to start?

Come join Professional Women Wellness Hub or drop me a message for some pointers.

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