I was like a woman possessed!

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I was like a woman possessed!

Prepared to do whatever it took…

Not realising this very approach was actually keeping me stuck.

I was tired of being tired and fed up of feeling moody and irritable all the time.

I just wanted to be happy and healthy, that’s not too much to ask is it?

So I did my research, learned all about the importance of eating good food, getting daily movement and a good sleep.

I made it my mission to tick all of the boxes.

If I followed the advice I would get better. Wouldn’t I?

Only before I knew it all the things that were going to help me had actually become a burden. I felt overwhelmed!

The thing is I wasn’t very good at balance, I was very much an all or nothing type of person.

I was so desperate to get my energy back that I wanted to do it all and do it now.

But looking back I can see that I had simply loaded myself up with even more to do.

Because this all or nothing approach was consistent in my whole life!

I had a nagging thought that I was lazy and so I always kept myself busy to prove that I wasn’t.

I needed to do more, to be more.

Go hard or go home was my Moto!

And it was that very attitude that had led me to lose my energy in the first place.

What I really needed to do was take a chill pill.

I needed to give myself some guilt free time off, time to relax.

I needed to find my balance.

So there was I trying to do more and all along I just needed to less!

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