Yesterday I was attacked on Facebook…

Someone decided they would write obscene words and insults across a number of my posts. She dropped the c bomb and called me a whole host of names!

My heart was pounding as I read the comments, I had no idea where this had come from or why. I still don’t.

One of her comments was about me not replying to her so I checked my messages and she had indeed sent a hello with a picture of half her face covered with a dog (no full face pictures on her profile either). She had also tried to call me several times early last month.

I didn’t recognise the name or the face and I hadn’t seen the calls come through. Though I wouldn’t have answered if I had because I get lots of odd calls and messages from weird and wonderful people pretending to be someone other than who they are!

My heart was pounding as I read her comments. Why did this person hate me?

I deleted her comments and blocked her. I don’t need this!

I’d forgotten about her until this afternoon when I came across a nasty comment I’d missed yesterday. In this one she said something about her remembering me as a two faced b*tch!

This made me think I must know her??

So I took another look at the picture and sure enough it was a lady I worked with more than 15 years ago!! She’s changed her name and as I said half her face was covered.

She and I were actually good friends and I spent a lot of time supporting her because to be blunt she was troubled.

At that time I was dealing with my own issues and was finding it increasingly hard to support her and so I created some space. We didn’t fall out, it was more of a drifting apart over time and we no longer worked together.

It would be very easy for me to take her comments personally but I know that I was nothing but kind to her. I didn’t deserve what she said.

I also know that she must be in a bad place because happy people do not treat other people the way she treated me yesterday. Her words are a reflection of her, not of me.

I wish her well and hope she finds her peace but I don’t have space in my life for toxic people anymore.

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