How’s your relationship with yourself?

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He preferred to look at his phone than talk to me.

He spoke to me like I was on the bottom of his shoe!

It hurt 😢

But looking back now I can see why…

It’s because I talked to myself like I was on the bottom of my shoe…

You’re fat and ugly!

You’re boring!

You’re stupid!

When I think back to the things I used to say to myself 🙈 I was really horrible!

No wonder others weren’t kind to me.

You see I set the tone for how others treat me.

If I don’t love and respect myself, how can I expect others to?

How can I expect them to see lovable things in me that I don’t see in myself?

I cant!

I realised that if I wanted a better relationship then I had to start by working on the relationship with myself.

Now that I love and respect myself it’s reflected back to me in my relationship.

This ones a keeper and I see now that I’m a keeper too ❤️

How’s your relationship with yourself?



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