Do you have that Sunday night sinking feeling ahead of Monday morning?

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Do you have that Sunday night sinking feeling ahead of Monday morning?

That feeling of dread at the thought of going back to work tomorrow…

Perhaps it’s put a dark cloud over your whole day!

I used to feel like that but not because I didn’t like my job, I loved my job to be honest.

It was the thought of finding the energy I needed to get through another taxing week.

It would take all of my energy to get through the week before and I’d spend the weekend recovering which left me feeling like I hadn’t done much with my weekend and now it was back to work already!

It began to feel like I was all work and no play…

But what if you could have a routine that left you full of energy?

What if you could fly through the working week, operating to your maximum potential and still have energy left to enjoy your weekend?

It’s possible, I know because I no longer dread Monday mornings.

Just a couple of tweaks and simple changes can make all the difference!

Here’s a few tips to get you started –

• Fuel your body with good nutritious food, focus on clean whole foods keeping processed foods to a minimum

• Eat regularly to avoid blood sugar dips, don’t get over hungry to prevent drops in your energy

• Sleep well, the body thrives on routine so aim to sleep and wake at the same time daily. Including the weekends…

• Get some regular movement, strengthen your body and boost your feel good endorphins with some exercise

• Take regular breaks throughout the working day, it will boost your productivity. Work smarter not harder!

• Plan ahead and schedule in both fun and relaxation for the weekend, this will lift your spirits and you’ll feel like you’ve actually had a weekend.

Need more? Come and join Professional Women Wellness Hub for more tips.

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