They say love is blind!

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They say love is blind!

But we can also be blind to love…

So many times lately I’ve come across situations where someone in a relationship doesn’t feel the love from their partner.

The thing is they are looking for it in the wrong places!

You see we all speak different love languages and if we speak a different language to our partner we can easily miss their love signals.

There are five types of love language –

• Words of affirmation
• Acts of service
• Receiving gifts
• Quality time
• Physical touch

My lead love language is acts of service so I like to do things for my partner – cook for him, run a bath, give him a massage etc

But my partners lead love language is words of affirmation – he likes to say nice things and tell me how much he loves me.

So if, as most of us do, we looked for signs of love in the same way that we give love, then we could easily assume that the other person doesn’t love us much…

Knowing this and sharing this with my partner allows us both to recognise and receive love.

Don’t be blind to love, open your eyes a little wider and see all the love coming your way ❤️

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