I’d done it, I’d bagged myself the promotion I’d worked hard for!

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I’d done it, I’d bagged myself the promotion I’d worked hard for!

But now my self doubt was in overdrive…

I’d convinced myself I didn’t deserve it and that I wouldn’t be able to live up to what I’d said I could do.

It must have been luck rather than skill that got me the job!

So I worked longer and harder to make sure they didn’t realise the mistake they had made.

I’d get in at the crack of dawn and continue to work after most others had left. I’d take work home with me too.

I lived in a state of self doubt, worrying about what would happen when they realised I wasn’t up to the job.

Do you have that voice in your head telling you that you’re not good enough?

My inner critic was so loud it was almost deafening.

I procrastinated, I kept myself small, I played it safe and I struggled to find my voice.

But not anymore!

Now I recognise my inner critic is at work and I challenge it.

Just because my inner critic says something doesn’t make it true…

I no longer give my inner critic the power, it doesn’t get to rule my life.

It’s my inner cheerleader that’s the star of the show now!

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