Apparently successful but still don’t feel enough?

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Apparently successful but still don’t feel enough?

You’ve got the respected and well paid job, marriage/relationship, kids, a social life, regular holidays and you enjoy lifes luxuries but…

You still need to keep pushing, to keep proving yourself.

Maybe someone said something once that left you feeling the need to prove yourself?

And you have, you’ve done really well for yourself, but proving yourself has become a habit now so it’s hard to stop!

It feels uncomfortable to enjoy the success you have created and so you keep pushing harder and harder to prove yourself.

But who are you proving yourself to?

We might think it’s others but the only approval we need is our own.

So what if we stopped using performance and things to measure our success and instead focussed on measures such as fulfilment, contentment, purpose and love?

Maybe then you could be both successful and feel enough.

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