Is I’m a Celebrity trash tv or valuable viewing? 🤔

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Is I’m a Celebrity trash tv or valuable viewing? 🤔

I don’t watch a lot of tv but I’ve been watching I’m a Celeb, even if I did finish it 4 days after everyone else!

I just find it fascinating to watch people. I love seeing all the different characters and behaviours.

What makes people tick?
What pisses them off?
How do they behave under pressure?
Can they gel with different types of people?

Then I like to flip those questions back on myself. How would I behave?

And the bit that really gets me interested…

Watching people get out their comfort zone. Pushing through fear and growing.

Something I love to do myself.

But could I push through my fear of spiders?

It would be really rough for me, the thought of one crawling on me 😳

But then I think of how I would feel afterwards – elated!

That feeling makes pushing through fear worth while 🔥

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