Are you feeling you’ll be glad when it’s all over already??

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The pressure is on with just 7 days left to get everything sorted!

The arrangements with family, the food and the gifts and all whilst working and running a happy family. Not to mention Christmas parties and school nativities.

So much to do, so little time to do it…

Are you feeling you’ll be glad when it’s all over already??

Why do we spend all this time prepping and running ourselves into the ground for one day!

One day that by the time you get to it you’re shattered and don’t get to enjoy it the way you could.

I mean does it really matter if the napkins are Christmas ones?

Will anyone notice if there are only two types of chutney to go with the cheese board?

Will anyone care whether or not you put ribbons and bows on the presents?

Will your third cousin twice removed notice if she doesn’t get a Christmas card?

Probably not…

What if Christmas was about the time together and not so much about the things we think we’re meant to do?

What if you could start and end the day feeling relaxed and have loads of time to sit on the floor and play with the kids and their new toys, soaking up every precious moment rather than your mind being elsewhere thinking about what you need to do next?

There is no such thing as perfect so we can’t create the perfect Christmas Day so why waste time trying!

Slow down a little, relax a bit, really enjoy Christmas.

Take some time for yourself and show some love to your body with plenty of sleep and not overindulging on rich and sugary treats.

Burning yourself out before the big day will limit your ability to enjoy it, is it worth it?

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