Who do they think they are giving their uninvited opinion!!

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Who do they think they are giving their uninvited opinion!!

It’s none of their business…

And no I can’t let it go, I’m annoyed😡

Sound familiar?

Are you offended by other people’s opinions?

I used to be all the time. When someone suggested I do something a different way what I heard was you’re doing it wrong.

But the truth of the matter is that we can only be offended if on some level we believe it to be true.

And as I was my biggest doubter, I agreed with all criticism of me.

I felt ashamed that I wasn’t good enough and that came out as anger. I used that anger to fuel my proving them wrong…

How dare they!

But I came to realise that if so many people were offending me, the common factor must be me 🤔

So when I was offended I started asking myself what’s really going on here? Why am I offended by this?

Instead of directing my energies into proving them wrong I started looking at what I believe to be true about myself.

I’m lazy, stupid and boring were just a few of the things I felt I was.

I felt ashamed about these parts of me and so when I felt these elements of my character had been exposed I defended myself with anger.

But it’s not up to other people to take care of my feelings, it’s up to me.

I started challenging the beliefs I had about myself and created more empowering beliefs.

I’m rarely offended by other people’s views now, invited or not, and if I am I ask myself what belief about myself is this triggering?

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