Have I f*cked up again?

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Have I f*cked up again?

I’m sitting here reflecting as I’m sure many of you are as midnight approaches…

On New Year Eves gone by I’ve looked back on the previous year with disappointment in myself and embarrassment that once again I hadn’t done what I set out to do.

I’d not achieved the body, relationship, promotion etc etc etc that I wanted.

So I’d set the same goals again and face the same disappointment the following year. Same story, different year!

But this year as I look back I feel proud of my achievements and I’m really pleased with my efforts.

I’ve achieved most of what I set out to do, adapted and modified some goals along the way and even achieved things I hadn’t expected to. I’ve gone above and beyond my own expectations and my health and sanity are all still intact!

Finally a different story! So what has been the difference?

Well there’s been many but one of my key lessons has been patience…

I’ve learned not to expect immediate results but to carry on doing the action and to allow time for my efforts to play out.

We’ve become so impatient with so much immediate gratification around us!

We expect to lose the weight after a couple of trips to the gym or a few weeks of eating well and when it doesn’t play out the way we want we give up.

We expect to regain our health after making lifestyle changes for a month forgetting that we’ve abused our bodies for years.

We expect to change our whole outlook over night on completion of a self help book.

But it doesn’t work like that… the seed we sow today is not the fruit we eat today.

We need to be consistent and we need to allow time for our efforts to come to fruition.

So if you find yourself wanting to give up on your goals or resolutions come the end of January because you aren’t yet seeing the results you want, push on and keep going.

Be patient so that this time next year like me you’ll be reflecting on how you smashed the year rather than feeling like you f*cked it up.

Happy New Year!

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