I’m good thanks, busy, but good!

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I’m good thanks, busy, but good! That used to be my standard response, as if being busy was a badge of honour.

There’s a common misconception that if we are extraordinarily busy then that equates to a good life.

And that if we are just an ordinary level of busy then we are idling through life.

When was the last time you did nothing?

No book, no phone, no music just pure nothing.

Try it… it will likely feel incredibly uncomfortable!

My clients tend to be highly motivated goal smashers but of all the tasks I set, 15 minutes of nothing is the one the majority of them will have found a reason not to do and if they did, it didn’t feel right.

Ever think to yourself ‘I’ll have a relaxing day at the weekend’ and then you get an invite to something or other and even though you had a plan to relax you find yourself saying yes?

It’s like we have to actually be doing something to be able to legitimately say no to something else!

As a person who loves a to do list I find it helps to schedule ‘nothing’ time on my planner as an actual commitment. It’s more likely to happen that way.

And why should we do nothing from time to time?

Stress relief, creativity boost, time to gather our thoughts and reflect, good for our mental health, boosts our productivity, helps to clear our minds giving more clarity and importantly helps stave off burnout.

Maybe now doing nothing doesn’t seem such a waste of time?

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