Just say yes, you never know what you might get!

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Just say yes, you never know what you might get!

I recently connected with a lady on another platform and she said she would be interested to meet.

I could have gotten bogged down with asking why? Why would I meet a stranger without a particular agenda…

But I didn’t, I just said yes. Perhaps it was gut feeling 🤔

I even drove an hour to meet her!

And I’m so glad I did 😊

She was wonderfully warm, had a great energy about her and had an interesting back story to tell.

Her strength of character shone through, as did her desire to grow. We exchanged lots of useful insights and I felt energetic and elevated as we parted.

Why did she invite me for lunch?

She’s embarked on an initiative to have lunch with 100 strangers in 2020, I was number 8 (which coincidentally happens to be my lucky number).

I love it! It aligns with my desire to have as many conversations as I can with fun and interesting people.

You just never know what opportunities you might open yourself up to.

The last person I randomly met led to a business collaboration 💥

Just say yes!

Thank you for the invite Lili x

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