But I don’t want to fit in anymore.

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Some of you will know I’ve become quite fascinated with the moon cycles lately.

Well we have a full moon this Friday and a luna eclipse too, which is the first of three in the space of a month.

This eclipse is all about releasing…

So looking at what in our lives has served it’s purpose and no longer fits or belongs in our lives or belief systems.

It’s about letting it fade away and cycles completing.

What could you look to release? What cycle could you close out?

I’m going to work on releasing any lingering desire I’ve had to fit in.

Whether I realised it or not, consciously or subconsciously I’ve spent much of my life trying to ‘fit in’.

In the process I lost a lot of who I truly am, I lost a lot of ME.

But I don’t want to fit in anymore.

I’m unique, one of a kind. Why wouldn’t I celebrate that?

We pay top dollar for limited editions after all!

So the new cycle I want is to embrace my individuality.

This is something I’ve been working on for some time now.

Processing and releasing can be quite tough at times.

So if over the coming days you find yourself feeling anxious or irritable, sad or emotional, tired or groggy or anything else please be gentle with yourselves.

I encourage you to take some time out to just be.

Give yourself space to think and to feel.

Maybe some journaling, meditation, being in nature or a nap could help.

Moon energies can be quite intense so if you’re finding it a bit overwhelming, pull back a bit and know that it will pass soon.

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