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This time last year I was so desperate to lose weight and get well that I asked my GP to refer me for bariatric surgery. I was so overweight and suffering daily from chronic migraines and daily spine pain. I suffered from anxiety and depression. I had given up on my own ability and strength to help heal myself.

That's when I reached out to Natalie. You see I wasn't convinced that bariatric surgery was for me.

I was quite nervous about working with a lifestyle coach, using a computer as opposed to a face-to-face meeting. Natalie put me at ease from our first meeting and I knew I had made the right choice.

I started working with Natalie in February this year. I was in a bad place at the time as I had physical, psychological and social issues which stopped me from having a good quality of life. I signed up for the Zest for Life Programme which runs for 12 weeks. Natalie helped me to narrow down all the issues by using the wheel of life. We assessed the most important changes I needed to make at 3 points throughout our 12 weeks together on the Zest for Life programme.

Natalie is a very positive and motivated person and it was difficult not to look forward to each of our sessions together. The sessions were person-centred with a little structure to them which meant that I was getting an individually-tailored programme just for me. Whatever issue I brought to the table that week was the issue that we worked on together. Natalie was available between our weekly sessions by text and email. I asked lots of questions and Natalie replied every time which made me feel so supported.

The thing that stood out to me the most about Natalie is that she is very knowledgeable. From food to hormones, to anxiety, to gut health, to confidence, to name but a few topics that Natalie knows about. She taught me how to start loving myself. She suggested that I might have food and drink allergies and intolerances. After being tested for both, I found I had lots. Since eliminating these from my diet my health has improved drastically.

Natalie helped me reconnect with the Universe. After several blows over the years I doubted the Universe. I became negative and therefore, attracted more negativity. My mindset has improved too as I'm becoming aware of my programs which are embedded with my limiting beliefs about myself.

My goal is to become healthy. Losing weight is a side effect of becoming healthy. As I lose each pound from my body I also lose weight from my soul which I kept on to armour myself against the world. This armour stopped me being connected to people.

When I first started working with Natalie I wasn't exercising very much at all. Now I exercise almost every day. I used to be ill in bed with chronic migraines for at least half of the month, sometimes every day. Nowadays, I'm out of bed every single day! I may not be at full capacity as I used to be but I'm aiming to get there. I feel better exponentially as each week passes.

I'm not having bariatric surgery now. Now I'm loving myself so much that I'm healing.

I would highly recommend Natalie to be your lifestyle coach. She has helped me change my life. Natalie helped me find my purpose.

Natalie also has a Facebook group called Professional Women Wellness Hub which is full of ladies from all walks of life who love and support each other. This group helps me to keep focused and motivated.
– Jeanette
So yesterday I had my last 12 week Zest for Life session with Natalie... I felt like I had graduated in health and self care.

Not a single new habit that I have been introduced to will I change. So many things I would to like to thank her for, this why I have delayed in writing this post.

Also working with her together she knows that writing for me is a big thing and that I would rather talk to her till I was blue in the face. But she has shown me that even with dyslexia I am successful and I am professional. THANK YOU
– Frankie
I've now completed the 12 week Zest for Life programme with Natalie Shaul.

Asking for help is a difficult and brave thing to do. I'm not alone and neither are you! I eventually realised that a series of bad relationships and spending time with the wrong people had left a significant footprint on my thoughts about myself, my beliefs and my behaviours. I had used alcohol to numb myself and I just ended up going round in circles. I hadn't noticed that it had taken many years to get where I was... aches at night, a bad immune system which meant I always had sore throats and colds, unable to go shopping to places where I thought I would see people I knew, spurts of anger, unable to communicate efficiently, memory loss and doing silly things like putting my socks in the bin, leaving tea bags in brews (poor mum 😂) and it took it to get that bad before I realised I needed help! (oh the stigma!)

I'd gone from being a young, motivated, eager, happy person to a self-conscious, upset, burnt out and fed up individual. I'd lost myself because I had let others leave negative imprints on my mind and I had started to believe I was all those negative things. I no longer had the power to brush off and ignore negative comments. Instead I gave them my power to beat myself up. I stopped seeing my friends (apart from a select few) and started avoiding people. Things needed to change!

I found Natalie through a mutual friend who had done a live with Natalie on Facebook. I then joined her free Professional Women Wellness Group. After spending some time on the group Natalie approached me and offered me a free discovery session which I eventually took up. Initially I felt very vulnerable speaking to a stranger about my thoughts, but to my amazement Natalie could see through what I was saying and see a probable root cause that I hadn't seen myself (e.g. Me: I need to lose weight Natalie: You need to learn to love yourself) and over the 12 weeks work on turning it all around. I learned about gut health, the lymphatic system, the subconscious mind and some great knowledge to give me a good start to having a happier life. I have noticed many changes in myself now. My aches at night have gone, my skin is clearer, my nails are no longer brittle but strong and smooth, my negative thoughts are far less occurring and I've been able to see some friends that I haven't seen for a long time.

There's been plenty tears, lots of learning and tools to help me move forward. I have a long journey yet but Natalie has been the turning point I so desperately needed and I am very grateful for that ♥
– Pam
My body was so stressed out with work. I had gut issues, headaches, brain fog and had no energy. Being given the tools by Natalie to help heal my body has helped me greatly. I had tried so many things in the past but I never really knew if my actions were even helping me. I am still on a journey to fully heal body but I clearly recognise the improvements made so far. My headaches have gone and I know what foods to avoid and my stomach health has improved.

Not only my physical health but my confidence had been shot to pieces over the years so I was desperate to find 'me' again. Natalie made me aware of how negative I was about myself when I spoke and she motivated me to believe in my abilities again and identify and challenge those negative thoughts in my head. I would definitely recommend Natalie to life coach you because I have a vision, I am driven and I make the right choices with the foods that I eat and more importantly I am happy. Thank you Natalie.
– Yvonne
I finally feel at ease with myself.

I am 37, mother of two children under 8 and I work for myself as a photographer after having my worst year ever last year in 2018.

In one year, I lost my job, my nan, joined two fat clubs never losing more than 7lb, almost lost my marriage, I could not wait for 2018 to end.

Being a mum I wasn’t looking after myself very well, and I didn’t like myself very much, I struggled to look in the mirror without wanting to cry. I worried I was boring, that I was fat, that I was not good enough, not at being a wife, a mother, a daughter or even a granddaughter. I was really hard on myself. The only place I felt worthy was in my job and then the company went bust which left me lost.

I thought 2019 would be the year, and it turns out its pretty awesome so far but it didn’t start that way.

I don’t know how or where from but Natalie appeared in my Facebook feed and her group was fantastic, it inspired me to want to eat well, it satisfied my need to understand the food I was eating and become knowledgeable in nutrition and the effect foods have on people. Every time she did a live, I thought she was actually talking about me and I finally booked a discovery call with her in February and I hired her on the spot.

It could not have come at a better time. I didn’t know how to control my emotions, I always felt tired and bloated, I had some tricky relationships I just didn’t know how to improve, I would be sick as a dog from one glass of wine and have a hangover like I’d drank a bottle of vodka. I constantly had migraines. My body was crying out.

Natalie knew exactly what to say, what I needed to work on to improve any situation and she took no crap, no excuses and is so much fun to work with. We may not be in the same town but it felt like we were, she was there for me any time of day, any day of the week always with brilliant advice and techniques for any situation that arose, she taught me too.

I feel like a new woman, no bloating every day, a clear head, no fatigue (unless it’s the kids fault) I sleep better, I have hardly any migraines, I have more confidence, I can look in the mirror and love what I see now, I can drink a glass of wine without being sick, my resting heart rate has come down, I am smiling much more and I have healthy relationships and a more open communication when I need to instead of bottling it all up. My diet has totally changed and I eat so much better now, and I’m sticking to it because this is just life and I’m going to grab it by the hands no matter what comes my way.
– Tina
I felt like I had lost complete control of my life! I was stuck in not just a rut but a whirlwind of work, feeling helpless and desperate for some peace of mind!

I knew something had to change and from previous experience I knew my mental health was key to my overall happiness. I went to a wellbeing being festival (not my usual festival) where I met Natalie! I hadn’t intended on meeting a Lifestyle Coach but I was interested in trying something that would give me a kickstart and make me accountable for the decisions and the mindset that led me to feel the way I was at that moment.

I had no idea with such small changes how much could change in a matter of weeks. Natalie has helped me open up and made me challenge myself to deal with things I didn’t even know were there or still upsetting me. I had this constant lump in my throat and was feeling so tense. By speaking up and dealing with my emotions head on I feel like a weight has been lifted - now don’t get me wrong I cried for about 2 weeks consistently but today I am crying with happiness.

Changing my diet and cutting out foods has given me more energy and I am finally no longer bloated all the time! I am overwhelmed with the difference In my life and can’t thank Natalie enough for the support and kindness she has shown me.

I am becoming more consistent, I am living a healthier life, I feel more positive and am finally feeling happy genuinely happy. I am by no means ‘cured’ but I have so many things to be thankful for and can finally see that and how my positive thoughts can and will control my future.
– Sara
After a Discovery Call with Natalie, I followed my intuition and signed up for a 12 week coaching programme, and thank goodness I did! I can wholeheartedly say she is marvelous and after a 12 week coaching programme, I am well on the way to becoming the best version of myself.

Since our first coaching session I have made huge steps. During our weekly sessions and after implementing and maintaining new habits and skills my confidence has grown tenfold.

Prior to working with Natalie, I didn’t really know much about coaching, ironically I now want to pursue this as a career. Coaching has had such a profound effect on me and my life that I want to help others to experience the benefits.

Thank you so much Natalie for all your support advice and for helping me create a healthier lifestyle and eating habits. If you want to change your life and don’t know where to start then contact Natalie and invest in yourself.
– Vanessa
Natalie has helped a lot in my professional and personal journey. We spent 3 months having weekly Skype sessions and every time I jumped on a call with Natalie it made my day and week so much better, more positive, stronger, with more clarity and motivated.

She didn’t tell me what to do, instead she helped me see exactly what I wanted and needed at the moment and get clear with it, and to create the right next steps to achieve what I wanted. She empowered me every time we were talking and in moments when I was down and confused she lifted me up and made me feel accepted and focused again.

In terms of nutrition she provided me with all the tools, recipes and ideas, and I achieved a flat stomach exactly as I wanted and discovered what was making me bloat, which was my original problem.

I can’t thank her enough for all her support!
– Ana
Natalie has been absolutely fantastic, very informative and full of sound advice.

I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 18 and recently after having my first child I have noticed more and more flares. With Natalie’s diet and nutrition advice I am already noticing HUGE changes! Since becoming gluten free i have honestly not had a flare up or even any dull aches! It literally has been life changing!

It’s always good when you make yourself accountable to someone as it helps to stick to your plan which has definitely encouraged me!
– Charlotte
Even though it is early days, Natalie is helping me make simple changes at first and then as we progress add more in which works well for me as I do not have a lot of time on my hands to make big changes straight away.

Natalie has been on hand and answers all my questions quickly which helps me make the right decisions, I'm feeling hopefully that finally I will get to be the best version of me with Natalie’s support and help.
– Melissa
Natalie is a genuine, kind and caring person.

She is knowledgeable in her field and very thorough in getting to the heart of the issue and provides helpful tips and information. She has helped both myself and my daughter to make small changes which have made a big difference.

Thank you x
– Sarah
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