Becoming You

Guiding ambitious women to break free from stress and burnout.

Having the courage to become who we are and show up as our most authentic and vibrant selves is a journey.

For some of us it’s challenging as we navigate unlearning and letting go of all that we were told to be and to reconnect with our innate and soul self.

It can feel uncomfortable to take up space, be seen, go against society and prioritise our own needs and wants over those of others.

But what is more uncomfortable is living a life that doesn’t feel like yours and isn’t aligned to your own desires and values…

A sure sign you are not on your soul path is feeling stressed, run down, burned out, overwhelmed, anxious and feeling lost, lacking in energy, motivation and passion.

These are all ways in which your soul is trying to get your attention and redirect you to the life you came here to live.

Becoming You is a space where we can come together as women to take this journey, giving each other support and inspiration in an environment that feels safe and free of judgment to explore and experiment new ways of being and living to become our most fully expressed and vital selves.

In this warm and inviting community you will find a glorious mix of motivation, prompts to know yourself more deeply, book recommendations, introductions to healing modalities, natural remedies and so so much more to support you on your journey to Becoming You.

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