The place where women commune to heal MIND, BODY and SOUL.


Are you ready to embrace a life filled with health, happiness, and vitality?

Whether you’re new to the journey of ditching mediocrity and survival mode to claim a life of joy and genuine thriving, or you’ve been walking the path for a number of cycles…
So long as you desire to enhance your experience of life by remembering who you are and revitalising your health, whilst enjoying connection and being inspired, you’ve come to the perfect place! 
As women we’ve been conditioned to accept a life in which we must be all things to all people and to put our own needs and desires to the bottom of the pile.
We’ve been led to abandon our authentic selves to adhere to impossible standards and a fruitless quest for external validation. It’s all too commonplace for women to feel unfulfilled and as if they don’t really know who they are.
As a collective women find themselves going through life overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and burned out as the norm. It’s unsurprising (and outrageous) then that 80% of autoimmune sufferers are women!
I’m taking a passionate stand for women thriving in life, feeling able to be fully expressed, creating life on their terms and experiencing a high level of vitality in mind, body and soul…
And that’s why here in Vitalise! membership you will find a haven amongst like-minded women in which to explore, learn and grow into your most vibrant and authentic self.   
This virtual community is a sanctuary for your soul.

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Mind Body Soul Coach

Founder of Vitalise! Membership

Vitalise! is a transformative virtual membership tailored for women on a profound journey of self-love and acceptance, empowerment, and great health. Here, you’ll discover a wealth of tools and resources, accountability and community designed to help you break free from overwhelm, anxiety, stress and burnout. 

Imagine this…

You entering a new era of your life where you feel more resilient, peaceful, self-assured and healthy. 

Waking up every day ready to go with an abundance of energy, motivation and passion for your day ahead! 

Feeling emotionally regulated and able to navigate whatever comes your way. 

With Vitalise! you’ll embark on a guided journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and wellness…

And you’ll no longer do it alone! 

This membership is so much more than a content library you have to find the impetus to search… Vitalise! is an interactive and supportive community of like-minded women, each at different stages of their journey, but all striving for growth and self-improvement. 

You will feel both understood and supported in a way that honours your own inner strength and unique magic.

I myself, will very much be active in the community, joining in conversations and answering your questions to support your understanding and embodiment of the monthly Hot Topics, as well as hosting the monthly group coaching call where we get to share a beautiful safe space.

Thriving Tales: Hear What My Clients Say!

Here’s what you get inside the Vitalise! Membership:

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Monthly Hot Topic

Each month I excitedly present our Monthly Hot Topic kit, designed to empower you on your path to happiness and health.

Inside our thought-provoking and insightful Hot Topic kit you will find:

Video Training:

Delve deep into the monthly topic with a potent video training laden with practical tools, strategies, and wisdom to help you navigate your healing journey.


Enjoy a beautiful bespoke and on topic meditation to support the embodiment of your Hot Topic learnings and take you into state of relaxation for finding inner peace and emotional balance.

Journal Prompts:

Uncover hidden insights and reflections with our journal prompts. Discover new perspectives and gain clarity as you put your thoughts on paper.


Carefully created affirmations to empower you and help you create significant and life altering shifts in your thinking.

Additional Resources:

Explore related book recommendations and other valuable resources that complement the monthly topic to expand your knowledge and deepen your understanding.

Our Hot Topic kits cover a wide range of subjects, including:

Embracing Playful Living

Honour Thy Self

Honing Healthy Boundaries

Master Your Thoughts for Health and Happiness


Embracing Your Whole Self

The Rise of Your Feminine

Soul Purpose



As a member, you gain access to all prior Hot Topic kits throughout your membership duration, ensuring that you can revisit and reinforce your healing journey as needed.

Monthly Group Reiki Healing

Every month you will have access to a distance group Reiki healing session from the comfort of your own home, to support you on your journey of feeling vitalised.

Reiki is a powerful alternative medicine to support healing and wellbeing and therefore a wonderful addition to any wellness tool kit. It’s both gentle and comforting. 

Whether you are looking to improve mild health concerns, searching for ways to reduce stress, or dealing with more significant health challenges, Reiki treatment is a profound and effective method for healing on a multi-layered and holistic level: mind, body and soul.

Reiki supports your body getting into a state of deep relaxation and it is in this state that your body’s own healing abilities can work.

This beautiful healing technique may reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, lessen pain and boost mood.

Monthly Group Coaching Zoom

One of the highlights of our Vitality! membership is the highly anticipated monthly group coaching call.

Led by myself, an experienced and compassionate coach, this exclusive session is a sacred space where you can freely share your challenges, questions, and wins. These intimate gatherings offer an opportunity for you to receive coaching in a group setting which brings the benefits of personalised coaching, support from the community and learning through observing others being coached too. 

In this safe and nurturing environment, you’ll gain insights, discover breakthroughs, and foster deep connections, allowing you to unlock your true potential and embrace a life filled with vitality, joy, and inner peace.

All sessions are recorded and available for replay at your convenience.

Monthly Breath Work Session

Each month you can enjoy a Breathwork class for energy, resilience, clarity & calm with breathwork expert Anna De Vere. In these sessions with Anna you will flow through different breathwork and Somatic movement techniques.

Breathwork is a revitalising and restorative practice which helps us come into balance in our nervous system, release stress & unwind tension patterns held in the body, find calm and access our natural vitality. It brings a felt sense of aliveness, deeper clarity and of coming home to yourself.

The Breath is like the Master key in the body, when used consciously, we can begin to tap into and guide our own nervous systems, which determines our emotional, mental, and physical states.

We can regulate our nervous systems and bring ourselves out of being stuck in the ‘Fight and Flight’ sympathetic response into the parasympathetic or ‘rest-digest-heal’ side of our nervous system, building a calm, resilient and balanced system. This moves us out of survival mode and into our natural ability to thrive.

Each session will include a talk on the self-healing power of Breathwork and nervous system regulation. Followed by a breathwork & movement practice and a space for questions at the end. Each month you will learn and add new breathwork techniques to your tool box so you can confidently apply these practices in you daily life, growing your resilience and capacity for more ease & joy!

All sessions are recorded and available for replay at your convenience.

Naturopathic Health Coaching

Claire Temple photo

Clare Temple is uniquely trained in several disciplines Naturopathy, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, Feminine Embodiment Coaching, NLP, Fitness Coaching & Sports Therapy and has been helping people recover their health and happiness for over 20 years.

Her Naturopathic Health Coaching monthly sessions will draw on all these aspects to help you connect with & understand your body at a deep level, and feel what practical changes it is asking for.

These trainings aim to enable you to consciously balance your hormones, restore proper adrenal function, have amazing digestion, tap into metabolism & build radiant vitality to thrive after burnout.

Clare will teach for around 20minutes on the topic of the month and then offer hot seat coaching spots and question and answers so it will be a very fun, interactive hour.

You are encouraged to come to the live sessions and get the most out of taking part, however each session will be recorded and you are welcome to submit questions before the session, that Clare will answer on the call.

Women’s Circle

Jessica H Seddon is a women’s Circle facilitator, passionate about empowering women to have the freedom to confidently step into the fullest expression of themselves.

Circle is more than just a gathering—it’s a sanctuary where women come together to be seen, heard, and supported, embracing vulnerability and finding strength in each other’s presence.

As a facilitator, Jessica guides our journey through a loose structure, including meditation, deep introspection, sharing, movement, and rituals; creating a space for authentic connection and growth.

It’s a time to celebrate the divine feminine, to encourage originality and uniqueness in our sisters, and to let our authentic selves shine!

Come and be held, seen, nourished and met and accepted just as you are.

In order to create a safe and confidential space where all participants can feel free to express themselves openly and vulnerably, circles are not recorded; if you wish to attend, you must do so live.

Private Facebook Group Community

Our private Facebook community is exclusively created for women on a healing journey seeking relief from stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and burnout.

This sacred space is a haven of support, understanding, and connection, where you can freely share your experiences, ask questions, and find encouragement from like-minded souls who are on their own transformative paths.

Our community is a sanctuary where authenticity is celebrated, and vulnerability is met with kindness and empathy. As a member of our close-knit group, you’ll have direct access to a network of compassionate women, each seeking to nurture their wellbeing and reclaim their vitality.

Together, we create a safe haven to foster personal growth, offer empowering insights, and celebrate every step forward on this beautiful healing journey. Join us in the Vitality! Facebook community and embark on a life-changing adventure, where you’ll find the unwavering support, love, and camaraderie needed to truly thrive.

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As coach I am incredibly passionate about offering a service that supports your growth not only during the time we are connected but for many, many years to come. My aim is to furnish you with the wisdom and innerstanding to create a level of self-awareness that allows you to create change on a deep level and bring yourself back home to yourself for a happier and healthier experience of life.

And so this membership has been created with this in mind. Having been through my own burnout recovery and supported many women through both 1-2-1 and group coaching over the last six years, I have mindfully created this membership to go deep on the topics you need to know about, provide a safe space for you to be coached and supported as well as give you essential healing for your body and nervous system.

The Hot Topic trainings are designed to suit you in that they are bite sized and available to be digested whenever suits you.

The coaching sessions are held at a different time each month to cater for busy and diverse schedules as well as being available on replay.

And you can receive the powerful healing benefits of both the Reiki and Breathwork sessions whether you watch live or catch the replay.

What you get as a Vitalise! Member…

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