F*ck that was rough! 🤯

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F*ck that was rough! 🤯

I’ve been really quiet as I just needed some time out.

My relationship break up sent me on the next level of my self discovery journey.

I’m a coach so I know my external world is a reflection of my internal world.

My thoughts create my reality…

So the question was what thoughts do I have that I don’t know about?

What do I need to bring into my awareness so that I can work on it?

A lot of soul searching later I’ve realised I’ve still got plenty to work on despite going through several rounds of growth previously!

Just when you think you’re done, a life experience shines a light on what you need to work on next.

Because the reality is we are never done. We will forever be works in progress and that’s ok.

I used to think that because I’m coach I have to have all my shit together, all the time.

But I don’t. I just need to practice what I preach – get help, look inside and do the work.

Growth spurts are hard going. They can be draining and at times painful but the transformation on the other side is so worth it 🔥

There are always lessons in every situation. The way to avoid going through the same painful lessons time and time again is to learn the lesson.

So I’m learning.

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