Have you got balance?

I’ll be perfect at being crap then!!
Exact words from my client this morning.
She would like to lose some weight but is struggling to maintain eating in a healthy way.
You see she strives for perfection and in her mind that means eating well every single day.
However that becomes a challenge with social occasions and eating out.
A meal out in her mind means her clean sheet is ruined so instead she will go for being perfect at eating crap!
We’re working on moving away from an ‘all or nothing’ mindset and finding more balance because this mindset no longer serves her.
It was once a driver for motivation but has reached a tipping point of being detrimental and now leads to procrastination.
Logically she now sees that perfection doesn’t exist but that knowledge takes a little while to drop down into the heart.
So we’re also working on her knowing that even if she isn’t perfect she is still totally and utterly lovable ❤️
I’d you’d like to let go of thought patterns that no longer serve you so that you can find a happy balance with the knowledge that you are perfectly imperfect then I would love to coach you too.
Let’s have a chat?
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