I almost didn’t get to be a mummy 💔

I almost didn’t get to be a mummy 💔

As Faith and I walked hand in hand around the lake this morning I felt deep gratitude for the experience we were sharing and for the joy of being her mother.

I reflected on how I almost denied myself this pleasure.

I was so deep in a cycle of people pleasing and abandoning myself to gain the approval of others that I was severely disconnected from my own wants and needs.

Years of trying to be and do the right thing by multiple people created crippling perfectionism and anxiety.

I convinced myself I didn’t want or need to be a mother through a combination of not knowing my wants and an intense fear of not getting it right.

I didn’t know this was the reason until my coach held a mirror up for me.

And thank goodness she did.

And I thank myself for putting myself in the position so that she could.

Had I not done that I would have missed my chance (body clock) to be a mother and kept myself in a state of lonely longing for that something I couldn’t identify.

What are you missing out on because like I was, you are overly concerned with what others want and need at the expense of yourself?

What is the cost of your people pleasing habit?

Is it a price you’re willing to pay?

If the answer is NO because you’ve had enough and you’re ready to open a new chapter…

If you’re ready to learn to say no to others and yes to yourself…

If you’re ready to learn skills to be more assertive and speak your truth..

And to own what you need and want because you matter?

My forthcoming Express Yourself Masterclass on Sunday 9th October has everything you need to understand why you people please and how to stop.

This 2.5 hour Masterclass will give you the tools you need to end people pleasing for the benefit of your mental, emotional and physical health.

If you are ready to create change, reach out for more information and to book your life changing place đź’ś

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