See that swelling around my throat?

See that swelling around my throat?

That was me at the height of my people pleasing.

I couldn’t say no.

I couldn’t say that’s not ok.

I swallowed my truth.

If I tried to say no or I’m not ok with that and the other person didn’t agree I would back down.

Not being heard made me feel angry but I couldn’t say that, so I swallowed it.

If someone needed something from me, unless I had a justified prior arrangement I felt it was my duty to do what they needed, I’d feel immense guilt if I couldn’t help.

And someone always needed something…

I became exhausted running around being there for everyone to else, meanwhile my own life was falling apart.

This made me feel frustrated but I couldn’t say that, so I swallowed that too.

I didn’t feel I could ask for help without being a burden and so I didn’t much, and when I did ask I felt I was let down.

My needs not being met felt lonely and I felt unloved.

I felt resentful given all the help I provided. But I couldn’t say that, so I swallowed that too.

It’s no wonder I had a lump in my throat!

It’s called a goiter and Louise Hay (self help author) says this comes from a hatred of being inflicted upon and feeling unable to be oneself.

Yep!! That’s exactly how I felt.

So how did I heal the swelling?

I learned to speak my truth.

I went on a journey to understand why I was a people pleaser and how to stop.

And life on the other side of people pleasing?

Beautiful 💜

I’m healthy, energetic and happy.

My life is no longer an expression of everyone else. My life represents who I am and what I want.

My relationships are fulfilling and based on equal give and take.

Learning how to speak my truth released the heavy emotions simmering below the surface and allowed my connections to become loving and enjoyable again.

You can learn to speak your truth too.

If you resonate with my experience I would love to share with you my wisdom.

I have collated my years of healing and learnings into a powerful 2.5 hour Masterclass called Express Yourself.

If you’re ready to learn to say no to others and yes to yourself…

If you’re ready to learn skills to be more assertive and speak your truth..

And to own what you need and want because you matter?

Then this Masterclass is just what you need.

It will give you the tools you need to end people pleasing for the benefit of your mental, emotional and physical health.

If you are ready to create change, reach out for more information and to book your life changing place 💜

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