I’m sitting here trying to put into words how I feel yet I can’t quite find the words.

I will call it a void.

The space between the version of me I am killing off and a new version of me that hasn’t quite taken shape.

Growing requires going deep within and seeing all parts of ourselves, especially the parts we don’t want to see.

Just recently I found two parts to my way of being that have been holding me back, keeping me stuck and playing small in life.

Those parts were born out of a need to survive in life but I don’t need them anymore so they have got to go.

My soul wants them to go so that I can rise up to be all that I am capable of, yet my ego wants them to stay…

My ego is afraid it will be killed off all together so it holds on to those old fear based beliefs with all its might!

I’m on to it though so I’m going to reassure it, let it know it’s safe for us to trust and believe in all that is possible, and ascend anyway.

I’m not afraid of the void.

I know now how to be ok with feeling uncomfortable in the unknown and the uncertainty.

I know I am ok and safe as I experience swings in my emotions. I don’t try to fix them or make them go away. I just let them be.

I know now that it is safe for me to be still and surrender to the present. I don’t need to be doing all the time and I don’t need to control the future with an iron fist.

Without resistance and fear of the void, my growth comes faster.

Like nature in winter, I know all my growth is happening underground right now and soon I will be in a phase of spring again.

Growth isn’t always easy and it’s certainly not all sunshine and roses BUT it is worth every void, every tear and every heavy realisation because after the storm comes the sunshine and it shines brighter than ever before ☀️

If growth and becoming the highest and happiest version of yourself speaks to you, this is an invitation for you.

Share a space with me, let me reflect back to you the ways you are keeping yourself stuck and the gaps between who you are being and who you really are.

Let me guide you through the healing process, hold space for you and share with you an armoury of tools to support you.

There are a couple of ways we can co create –
💜 1-2-1
Deep dive, close proximity
I’ve a couple of spots available for January
💜 Group coaching – The Journey Back To You
An opportunity to be supported and inspired as you learn and grow alongside others over 8 weeks
Capped at 10 women

Send me a message to ask questions here and for more information and to book in.

The time is now 💜

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