I’m a liar!!

The baby carrier is how Faith and I are navigating separation anxiety and late night cuddles and watching tv together are how we are getting through Faiths current need to stay up till 10pm!!

A week ago I was in tears and despair!

I can’t do this…

I’m not cut out for this…

I can’t cope with no routine…

You’re a liar said my coach!

And she was right.

I can do this. I am doing this.

I have gotten Faith and I through every good and bad day so far.

I’ve come out on top with every routine change (my girl is not a fan of routine for any longer than a week).

One week later and with a fresh approach I am experiencing this phase in an entirely different way. A more peaceful way.

I swapped I can’t for I can and I am.

And I swapped rigid thinking (but this is your bedtime and we are staying in the bed until you go back to sleep) for more fluid thinking (ok so what’s going to make this easier for us both)

I stopped lying to myself about my ability and how it needed to be.

Seeing as our brains can’t tell the difference between a truth and a lie and will believe whatever we tell it, we may as well tell it something useful!

I couldn’t have created this shift without the input of my coach. I couldn’t have freed myself from suffering.

Just as you can’t create impactful shifts without the help of a coach.

No one, not you, not me is so fixed or healed or smart that they don’t need a coach to provide perspectives that free them from poor quality thinking, patterns and suffering.

In accepting our limitations as humans to only be able to see what we can see… myself, my coach and anyone else investing in themselves can live a better quality and happier life.

Are you willing to put your lies to the side and open your mind up to the possibilities available to you by committing to your growth and happiness?

You need me to help you spot your lies and to do that we need to spend time together.

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