Me?… an inspiration?… shut up!

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I’ve been called an inspiration a few times lately.

Now in the past every cell in my body would have violently rejected that…

Me?… an inspiration?… shut up!

But you see, I’ve been going through a transformation ?

Me of the past is no more. She’s gone ??

The me post chrysalis has had two realisations…

1 – If someone wants to see me as an inspiration, who the bloody hell am I tell them their opinion is wrong?! They are entitled to believe what they want.

2 – I am a bloody inspiration! I turn to face my shadows, I slay the f*ckers and then I share my journey with you. That’s inspiring!

So thank you to all those who’ve said recently that I’m inspiring.

I graciously and whole heartedly accept the compliment ❤️

Actually that’s a lie, as I finish writing this my ego is piping up ‘who do you think you are??’….

So it’s not quite whole heartedly, but most of it. There’s still a part of me that feels accepting the compliment is a bit self indulgent!

Stepping into our power doesn’t happen overnight, but I’m working on it ❤️

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