Perfect doesn’t even exist, it’s an illusion!

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Perfect doesn’t even exist, it’s an illusion!

And yet I spent way too many years trying to achieve it.

At home
With family
With friends
In relationships
My body
My health
At work, especially at work

It was a futile task…

Constantly striving for something unobtainable left me feeling like a failure.

My confidence was shot.

The reason I was striving for perfection was because I thought that I couldn’t and therefore wouldn’t be loved if I was anything less than perfect.

So when I met my mindset and business coach Lewis Raymond Taylor and he said to me –

“If you are perfect, they will like you less”

It flipped my world upside down!

I had to get my head around this ?

They will like me less…

Not more???

But of course it makes sense.

Who feels comfortable around someone they consider to be perfect?

No one I’m sure!

It leaves us feeling less than perfect, inferior, it makes us feel bad about ourselves.

And so all that time I had been trying to be perfect so that I would be liked and loved…

And it was having the opposite effect!

I had to rethink my desire for perfection?

It’s a hard habit to break.

I’d spent a life time not accepting me for me after all.

But every time I felt that need for perfection creep in I reminded myself – they will like me less, not more!

Slowly but surely I have learned to like and love myself just as I am.

I used to feel really quite alone but these days I feel surrounded by love.

I see now that love was always there.

I just hadn’t been able to accept it…

I needed to learn to love myself before I could accept love from others ?

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