Progress not Perfection

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How well do you recognise and celebrate your own progress?
An area I work on with many of my clients is switching the focus from perfection to progress.
Perfection doesn’t exist after all!
Focussing on perfection often leads to procrastination – why start when you can never achieve the standard you desire?
And low motivation – there’s little joy in feeling like you’ve failed to hit the mark time after time!
The majority of the experience is often in the journey rather than the outcome itself…
However, how enjoyable is the journey when you are unable to acknowledge progress and small successes along the way?
How enjoyable is the end result when you didn’t enjoy the journey and can only see fault in what you have achieved?
I help women to acknowledge and celebrate their successes, big and small, leading to more motivation, more joy and more achieving of goals.
Are you ready to smash your goals all the while enjoying the journey?
If so, I’m ready to support you ❤️
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