Signs your emotions are desperate to be acknowledged

An inability to be with your emotions…

A denial of your truth…

A numbing or a running from what is true within you…

Doesn’t make the feeling go away.

It simply makes it come out in another way.

Pain in your body
Pain in your mind
Illness – chronic or otherwise
Hormone imbalances
Weight issues

These are all signs your emotions are desperate to be acknowledged.

The likelihood is you don’t know how to be with your emotions in a way that isn’t stuffing them down with food or alcohol or being so busy there’s no time for them or just straight up pretending they don’t exist with an extra dollop of positivity.

In helping you to create a healthy relationship with your emotions

I will help you to create a healthy body in which to live.

A restored mind/body connection is fundamental for your soul to truly live.

Your willingness to do what you haven’t done before is the gateway to you creating a life you love to live 💜

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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