What are your needs?

What are your needs?

I asked a client this.

She couldn’t come up with even one!

So she was so far disconnected from her own needs as she engulfed herself in meeting the needs of others.

As she did this she hoped they would meet her needs.

She hoped they would know more about her needs than she did…

Is this fair?

Is this realistic?


This is a dynamic set to to fail and at the very least continue in a vein of resentment and disappointment.

Can you name your needs?

Do you take responsibility for meeting your own needs and give space for others to be able meet their own needs too?

If you’ve answered no… I can help you.

If you want to experience happier, more fulfilling, more balanced relationships and feel better mentally, emotionally and physically through learning a healthier relationship with your own needs let’s begin a conversation.

Reach out and we will arrange a call to discuss next steps 💜

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