When you don’t feel safe to reveal your truth

She skulked through town in a large winter coat in the height of summer!

She was pregnant but didn’t feel safe to reveal this truth.

She and her husband had fallen out with his parents.

There was a lot of hurt between them and she didn’t feel able to survive any negative comments she feared were possible following an unplanned encounter.

Such was her fear and sensitivity that she went to extreme lengths to hide her truth.

During our initial 12 weeks of coaching she was able to make sense of this sad situation with her in-laws, gain perspective and take ownership of her contribution in such a way that she made the bold and loving move to make contact.

Multiple meetings in which loving and healing conversations happened followed and they even attended a family wedding, something my client would never have even considered just months before.

Shortly after our 12 weeks together her son got to meet his grandparents for the very first time at the age of three 💙

This clients growth quite literally brings tears of joy to my heart. Her self investment has created a ripple effect of healing across generations.

And her growth isn’t limited to this…

She has developed a healthier relationship with her body, specifically exercise and food.

She created a relationship with herself that makes room in her life for greater self love, self acceptance, self awareness and self care.

She has greater clarity on her career path and more confidence as she prepares to re enters the workplace.

She has more resilience and flexibility in life reducing the daily fear, anxiety and tension she previously felt.

She has deepened the relationships with both her son and husband.

And she has made beautiful inroads to healing and creating a deeper connection with her own parents.

Her growth will go on and on from this point too because the skills she has gained are set for life.

The possibility of what we can co-create when you decide to say yes to you is beyond what you see is possible right now.

If you want this kind of transformation in your own life I would love to see your name pop up in my inbox.

Can I get a 💜 reply n the comments below for this amazing woman and her willingness to create the change she knew she needed 👇🏽💜

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