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A bad emotion?

One we should hide away and be ashamed of?

Many of my clients have struggled to handle anger.

They feel that expressing anger would make them a bad person, unlovable even!

So they suppress and deny their anger but find it seeps out when and how they rather it didn’t… 😡

What we resist persists!

Some of you might feel that you don’t ever get angry…

Could you be suppressing it?

Could it be coming out in other ways such as poor health, self-sabotage, mild depression, muscle tension or a need to be busy all the time?

Anger can be a useful emotion, an indicator that something is out of balance or doesn’t sit right with us.

So maybe expressing anger could be a good thing…?

It could even be used productively as a driving force?

If you’d like to explore how anger can be useful for you and how to express it in a healthy way, allowing you to be true to how you feel and to show up as your best self, then I would love to provide a safe coaching space for you to do so.

Send me a message to book your complimentary discovery session.

(And yes I thoroughly enjoyed smashing the crap out of that punch bag🥊)

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