So many women I coach feel lonely, despite not being alone!

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So many women I coach feel lonely, despite not being alone!

How does that work?

They have friends, family, maybe a partner & work colleagues all around them but they still feel alone…

When we dig deeper it often becomes clear that they don’t feel loved or accepted. They feel like others don’t ‘get them’.

They’ve been seeking validation that they are enough, only it never comes!

Often they’re in their head a lot with worries whirring around that they don’t share with anyone & yet plaster a smile on their face.

But how can people get you if they don’t know you? How can they know you if you don’t let them in?

They can’t!

How can they accept you if you’re not showing up as you?

They can’t…

However, they aren’t showing up as themselves because they don’t know who they are, they got lost in trying to be what they thought others wanted them to be.

In our coaching sessions they are able to get honest with themselves about the state of their life, the fact they don’t know who they are & that they aren’t being authentic to their true selves.

I support them in digging deep to connect with who they are, what they want & to start letting people in to what’s going on in their head.

Sure it’s a little uncomfortable at first but it gets easier with time.

And with that comes the acceptance and connection they crave. It comes from within them.

Do you want to know and own who you really are? Do you want the confidence to unashamedly show up as you for all to see?

If you’re ready to invest in your own personal development let’s have a conversation to explore what that might look like.

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