Do you find one side feels more familiar?

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Reading through these two lists, do you find one side feels more familiar?

The optimal balance for our masculine and feminine energies (not to be confused with male and female) is 50/50.

I coach women and a growing observation is many of them are more heavily weighted towards the masculine energy.

This can come about for many reasons, a common one I see is working in an intense corporate environment, which by it’s very nature demands more masculine energy – logic, goal setting, achieving, intellect etc…

Whilst it’s important to utilise our masculine energy it’s equally important to balance it with our feminine energy.

However, time and time again I see how the ‘boardroom’ mentality is taken home, which isn’t without impact!

When too in their masculine energy clients experience challenges with –

– Romantic relationships
– Being in touch with their emotions and feelings
– Not being able to switch off to rest and recharge
– Searching for self worth externally rather than from within
– Not being able to receive help and nuturing (this often extends to the bedroom!)
– Disconnection from friends and family
– A lack of enjoyment of life
– An over zealous need to for control

I help women to balance their masculine and feminine energies so that they can show up as their true selves, love who they are and experience greater fulfilment and vitality in their lives.

If the challenges resonate and you’d like to explore how you can get more balance in your energy, I’d love to offer you a safe coaching environment to do so.

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