At the start of the year I found myself single.

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At the start of the year I found myself single.
I’ve received so much love and support for which I am so grateful
So many well wishers have said things like ‘Don’t worry you’ll find someone’ or ‘Now you’re free to find the man of your dreams’ etc etc…
I know it’s all said with love and no offence taken, but those comments send the message that to be a success in life I need a partner, that without one I’m incomplete.
And it’s not true!
My purpose in life is not to find a mate. It’s to be happy. And I can be happy single. I am happy single.
You can be just as lonely in a relationship as you can single…
I actually really enjoy my own company and the freedom to do what I want when I want without worrying about another.
I do not fear being single. Fear only leads to staying in relationships that aren’t right.
Besides I’ve already found my soul mates, my amazing friends who love me dearly and are there whenever I need them. You know who you are, I love you too
Being single is not an affliction…
It can in fact be a source of joy and I for one intend to enjoy it.
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