Just because something is common does not make it normal

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Just because something is common does not make it normal.

If I put a quid in a jar every time I heard ‘that’s just the way my body is’ I’d be minted ?

In fact, I’d have contributed half of that myself!

See I used to tell myself that little lie too.

Why? It’s easier than doing something about it…

– Headaches
– Rashes or itching
– Tingling lips
– Aches and pains
– Drowsiness
– Constipation or diarrhea
– Light-headedness
– Heart racing, fluttering or slowing

Sound familiar?

I had almost all of these.

I ignored the signs for years. Are you?

Years later, I found myself with an autoimmune condition, amongst other things ?

My body literally said ✋? ?

See, our bodies are really clever and try to protect us for as long as they can by giving us little signs.

A headache here, a bit of eczema there…

And when we don’t listen they give us more forceful signs.

More severe digestive issues, fatigue, recurrent infections etc.

But eventually your body will say screw this, I can’t take it anymore.

Found yourself with a diagnosis you didn’t want?

Maybe it’s diabetes, diverticulitis or like me, an autoimmune condition which now has to be managed for life.

These health complaints are preventable, and trust me prevention is a hell of a lot easier than cure!

These days I’m fluent in the language my body speaks and I recognise the smallest of signs and not only that, I act on them.

This keeps me healthy, and all those nasty headaches and digestive issues that I used to think were normal, are kept at bay.

Here’s how you can listen to your body so that you too can avoid a diagnosis you don’t want –

– Keep a food and symptoms diary for a week – what patterns do you see?

– Eat mindfully, turn off tv and sit at the dinner table – how do you feel during and after eating that meal?

– Listen to your intuition – is something telling you that particular food will do you more harm than good?

It’s time to stop bullsh*tting yourself and listen to what your body is saying.

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