Did the pandemic teach us nothing…?

Did the pandemic teach us nothing…?

As of the end of 2022 46% of workers in the UK are close to burnout!

Whilst employers have a lot to answer for my view is burnout runs much deeper than the workplace.

I worked for a large corporate firm at the time of my first burnout and whilst they were guilty like many, of always pushing for more business growth and therefore more from their employees, they were also incredibly supportive and keen to help me when I needed it.

Ultimately I left and became my own boss and I almost reached burnout again…

Couldn’t blame the big greedy corporate that time could I!

The hard truth of the matter is I WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY BURNOUT.

I later came to see that my burnout was created through my beliefs about myself and about life!

I am not enough so I must work harder…

If I am not always busy then I am lazy…

I must make myself useful to everyone all the time otherwise I am useless and unhelpful…

Other peoples needs are more important than my own…

Rest and downtime are a luxury and also lazy…

I must work myself really hard to be successful…

I must always go above and beyond to be credible…

Anything less than perfect is unacceptable…

Almost all of these beliefs or versions of them were also inherent in my personal life.

So I was over extending at work (even when self employed because the beliefs came from me not just my employer) and over extending in my personal life.

It’s no wonder my mind and body eventually said ENOUGH!!

I was mentally, emotionally and physically exhausted.

I actually dabbled with the burnout boom and bust cycle to varying degrees many many times over a number of years.

What finally ended this toxic cycle for me was identifying and releasing the beliefs that kept me there and creating new beliefs based on a foundation of my being enough.

Now I enjoy a healthy approach to productivity both in and out of work and this creates my vitality on a mental, emotional and physical level.

Gone are the days of surviving the week, I am thriving in life!

If you’re ready to move into a phase of your life where you enjoy sustainable energy and health without sacrificing the quality of your efforts, and you’re willing to take responsibility for your own wellbeing in a radical way, then I would love to speak to you about how I can support you on your journey.

You can BE more, DO less AND create an amazing life with impact.

Send me a message to ask more or you can use the link in the comments to book a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

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    How to Swap Stress and Burnout for Mental Clarity and Physical Wellness

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